Maiden Ariana

IT Lead Architect by Day, Youtuber & Twitch Host by Night, Retro PC Enthusiast always!
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The goal of my stream is to provide a fun and entertaining shared gaming experience where all open minded people are welcome.

Our little LGBTQ+ friendly community is growing! Come be a part of it at
Maiden Ariana
Lead IT Architect, Streamer, Content Creator, Website Creator and Admin, Writer, Wordpress Guru, Android App Developer
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Does taking part in an open minded gaming community sound like something you are interested in? If so, tap here to find out how often I stream. People often don't really 'get' the point of Twitch until they become active in a channel's chat community.
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Current Schedule
I typically stream Thursdays at 8:30 pm Central Time & Sundays at 1:00 pm Central Time. I also stream at various times throughout the week as my schedule allows. Please follow me on Twitch and Twitter to receive 'going live' notifications.
Wondering Who I Am?
Hi, I am Ariana or Ari for short :) I live in the Midwestern United States and have been a gamer since I was a child. I loved working with personal computers so much that I chased a career using them.
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Wondering Who I Am?
I am now a Senior Application Architect/Software Engineer. I build websites for small businesses and I also develop Android applications for fun. I have two amazingly talented kids. Oh, I am also a transgender woman.
Content Featured on My Channel
Like most Twitch channels, I primarily stream while playing games with my followers or just enjoy playing modern or retro games that interest me. Although, I do spend time broadcasting in the IRL (In Real Life) category as well.
Typical Games Played
Content Featured on My Channel
Games Featured Include: Rocket League, Retro PC games (early 90's anyone?), PUBG, Shellshock Live, JackBox Party Pack, Heroes of Might and Magic, Star Citizen, Wing Commander Series, Faster Than Light, Alien: Isolation, Star Trek Online, Pokemon TCG, WWIIOnline, and others!
Really, You Are Trans?
Yes, I am a transgender woman. If this causes you to have an instantly negative opinion about me, it certainly should not. Please take the time to be a decent human being and learn about transgender people.
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Really, You Are Trans?
There are questions you should not ask a transgender person out of basic decency. I bet you can guess which ones I am referring to :) I am relatively open and will answer most politely delivered questions.

Sporty Hero Ari vs Sporty Hero Ai ;) #lensaai #aigeneratedart #aiart #maidenariana #lgbtq #100daysofaiart

I think the fantasy style AI art are my faves. Here is another inspiration shot and result. #lensaai #aigeneratedart #aiart #maidenariana #lgbtq #100daysofaiart

Maidenariana just went live! Join our lgbtq+ friendly community for Retro gaming content on real retro devices :)

The USS Shran is en route to its next adventure!
Come join us for the journey at 2 PM EST / 1 PM CST!


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Do we have to spread that?!?

Tell me you all saw that..

1 vs 2 Killer Save – Sorry for the bleeps..

Oooooooooh noooooooo!

Let me get that for ya..

Oh yeah, that’s how..

I did kind of ram her..

I’m really not mean it was just too perfect..

3rd Place Finish on Fremily’s Channel